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JAZLYN GABRIEL- Muay Thai with Toby Smith
SWORDPLAY: messer, shield and longsword.
COMBAT- Weaponry and martial arts exploration: Part 1
FITNESS MOTIVATION- To encourage you to get moving


Jazlyn Gabriel was born in Perth, Western Australia, and is of both South African and Greek heritage. She displayed a love for sports and athletics from a very young age, competing in various athletic events. At the age of 18, she moved to Sydney to pursue her love for adventure, entering the Australian Army and completed military training in Kapooka, Wagga Wagga by the age of 21. 


While Jazlyn was listed as a Private in the Army, she became a Personal Trainer, after falling in love with the challenges she faced in military training. Jazlyn worked as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at numerous gyms around Sydney, before extending herself as Legion by Jazlyn Gabriel and operating solo through her own business as a mobile trainer. She continues to train her clients at numerous indoor and outdoor facilities and is currently working on her online fitness programs to be available to the public for purchase. She firmly believes the mind is extremely powerful and can help people overcome the most difficult physical challenges. She applies this as her personal training philosophy and to all her clients' training programs.


โ€‹โ€‹Furthermore Jazlyn is an aspiring actress, studying at various acting schools throughout Sydney, working on TV and film sets. Her focus is on action roles in particular, with a strong focus on combative fight scenes and stunt work. 


Jazlyn prides herself in going against the grain, taking to unusual career paths to fulfil her sense of adventure such as operating heavy machinery being excavators, bobcats, dump trucks and forklifts. She has worked in construction, landscaping, civil and logistics bringing her ability to operate such machines with detailed care. She opted to work in such industries because she loves to experience the hands on physical work and challenges they required.


Jazlyn currently resides in Perth, Western Australia where she works diligently on her fitness and acting projects. She also has a son who keeps her forever busy and motivated.


It's fair to say Jazlyn Gabriel is quite the unique and inspiring individual. 




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